Delivering conflict free Debt Capital Market advice.

Our investment philosophy remains a simple one at the core. In-depth bottom-up research, with a global focus supported by a strong risk management discipline. Our research team drives the research, our deep data pool supports our risk management framework, and our global experience provides the much-needed subjective overlay on final decision making.

We focus on a simple approach to investing based on three key foundations.

Adding value in our markets requires a “knowledge advantage” that can come only from in-depth research. We built a team of specialists to add value into our process and methodology that is consistently applied. Our research revolves around enumerating the elements required for success and identifying investment candidates through which we seek to satisfy those requirements.

Our investment management function was born from our excellence and expertise in credit market research. This underpins a rigorous approach to exploring credit market opportunities and selecting investments.

Our insights and analysis provide a solid foundation for understanding the true underlying value of credit securities and the risk/return opportunity they present.

We constantly invest in our understanding of and ability to control risk. Proprietary analytics and technology give us the edge we need to deliver a service which is well communicated and accessible on demand.

The unique structure of managed accounts provide the flexibility to customise portfolios to address clients’ personal preferences and investment objectives.
Managed Accounts (IMA, SMA, Segregated mandates) can offer customized portfolios, professional management and oversight, flexibility and transparency. They combine the benefits of professional money management, with flexible control and tax advantages of owning direct portfolios.