21 Oct, 2021

Property Credit – Discussion with Qualitas

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Nicholas Yaxley (Managing Director, BondAdviser) and Andrew Schwartz (Group Managing Director, Qualitas) discuss the commercial real estate loan market. Subscribers can click here for our full report, where we take a deep dive into the commercial real estate loan market, analysing the investment opportunity presenting itself for the mid-to-long term.  

2 Sep, 2021

Strength in numbers; GDP drives up bond yields, but global growth is stalling

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The mixed picture for the economy is wreaking havoc on a bond market already sending strange signals. The spike in yields post-Jackson Hole speech has subsided. John Likos from BondAdviser says it's all a proxy for the market's views on economic growth. John says the action is a sign that markets may be tired of the long-cheered "reflation trade". If [...]