Suncorp Group reported Full Year 2016 (FY16) Net Profit after Tax (NPAT) of $1.04 billion, down 8.4% on FY15, slightly below market expectations. Results across the business lines was mixed with Suncorp Life (Life) and the Bank reporting a lift in NPAT (by 13.6% and 11.0% respectively) while General Insurance (GI) NPAT was down by -17.5%. The operating expenses, including the one-off restructuring charge fell by $41 million to $2.67 billion.   The mixed bag of results for FY16 across the business units show there are challenges ahead for the Group. Positively for credit investors this may mean management will be less inclined to pay out the special dividends that they have been over recent years. As a result the group may now, at last, start to focus on retaining capital within the business rather than handing excess capital back out to shareholders   Click here for updated research on Suncorp Group and Suncorp-Metway (Suncorp Bank)