Last week the Australian Corporate Bond Company formally launched their Exchange Traded Bond Units (“XTBs”) offering retail investors access to corporate bonds on the Australian Securities Exchange. This product will change the way investors participate in fixed income markets which were historically restricted to wholesale investors. Here is a list of XTB’s available as at 19 May 2015:

ASX Code Underlying Bond Underlying Issuer
YTMAZJ AZJ 5.75% Oct-20 Aurizon
YTMBHP BHP 3.75% Oct-17 BHP
YTMCWN CWN 5.75% Jul-17 Crown
YTMDXS DXS 5.75% Sept-18 Dexus
YTMGPT GPT 6.75% Jan-17 GPT
YTMIPL IPL 5.75% Feb-19 Incitec
YTMLLC LLC 5.5% Nov-18 Lend Lease
YTMLL1 LLC 6% May-20 Lend Lease
YTMMGR MGR 5.75% Sep-20 Mirvac
YTMNVN NVN 5% Dec-19 Novion
YTMSCG SCG 5% Oct-19 Scentre
YTMSGP SGP 5.5% Sep-19 Stockland
YTMSG1 SGP 8.25% Nov-20 Stockland
YTMTLS TLS 7.75% Jul-20 Telstra
YTMWES WES 6.25% Mar-19 Wesfarmers
YTMWE1 WES 4.75% Mar-20 Wesfarmers
YTMWOW WOW 6% Mar-19 Woolworths