The BondAdviser Corporate Hybrid Handbook 2017 is designed to be a useful reference for ASX-listed corporate hybrid securities and the credit profiles of their underlying issuers. We believe there are a number of attractive investment opportunities across different corporate industries and the recommendation table below reflects our views on these particular securities. Corporate hybrids are overshadowed in a market dominated by banks and other financial institutions. As a result, many investors fail to reap the diversification benefits that non-financial issuers offer in a balanced portfolio. While bank and other financial hybrids are often driven by macro-economic, regulatory and/or political themes and trends, corporate hybrids warrant a more case-by-case approach which promotes diversification. For this reason, corporate hybrids should not be overlooked. Given the ‘lower-for-longer’ interest rate environment, the search for yield is becoming an increasingly difficult task. While hybrids continue to be an attractive option to boost income, they are not without inherent risks. Click here for the Corporate Hybrids Handbook 2017