A high quality credit portfolio that has a core focus on quality and liquidity. The portfolio aims to provide capital stability, regular income and low volatility of returns.

Target Return

Outperform the RBA Cash Rate + 1.50% over a rolling 3-year period.

Portfolio Details

The portfolio only invests in fixed income through either managed funds or ASX-listed securities. There is a maximum number of 25 holdings, with an Investment Grade average credit rating. The portfolio adopts an active investment style while aiming to minimise volatility. At least 80% of the portfolio is daily liquid.

The portfolio has the similar investment principles and characteristics to that of the BondAdviser Income Plus Portfolio (Listed Securities) which was formed in March 2016, however, this new Blend portfolio has a larger investment universe.

How to Invest

There is no minimum investment amount. The portfolio is available through the Hub24 platform. Contact Us to learn more.


The management fee for the portfolio is 0.26% per annum.
There is no performance fee.


27 April 2023


As at 30 April 2024 (Net of Fees)

*Portfolio (Cash Total Return) is total return net of investment management fees and brokerage costs (before platform administration).

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.


Contact the BondAdviser team for more details or to get started.

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